Having a well trained team translates into better products that are more reliable and are shipped to the market in shorter time.

To achieve that, we offer training structured in different courses so the skill of your team can grow and improve. We cover a lot of topics:

1. Hardware architecture

Understanding how the instructions are retrieved and executed by the hardware so the developers have a holistic approach of the entire system and the symbiosis between hardware and software.

2. Operating systems

Software will always run on some sort of operating system, from the traditional Linux server, to highly specialized unikernels that provide the security of virtual machines and the ubiquity of containers.

3. Data structures for high performance

Structuring data the correct way is the most important thing to do to achieve the best performance and using the hardware to its max.

4. Software architecture

A well designed program is easier to maintain, easier to predict performance, easier to extend and easier to audit, to find any security flaws.

5. Security

Having a hacker proof software system is not possible so we teach the best practices on how to mitigate unathorized acces from the outside and also from the inside, the source of most attacks.

Our varied courses are intended to middle and senior developers to improve their capability and expand their field of view.